CBD Oil, Full Spectrum

Pain Stinks…You Don’t Have To 

Demeter provides a complete CBD experience

500 mg Full Spectrum CBD oil in each 2 oz Bottle

A full fragrance experience, with CBD oil as concentrated as our perfume oils, for a scent experience that is long lasting, as well as beautiful and unique.

A top-of-the-line pain relief experience, without the skunky smell of CBD. We all can agree that cheap masking agents used to cover up the CBD smell is the worst part of your current CBD, but we’re here to fix that! Here at Demeter, we are users ourselves and made a product that thinks of the consumer experience first!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an oil derived from the cannabis plant, that may provide health benefits, include reducing inflammation and pain.  But because you may not ALWAYS want to smell like CBD, Demeter Fragrance Library now makes high quality, full spectrum CBD oil available in ALL 300+ Demeter fragrances.  
And because its Demeter, you know it’s a value price… 
We use full spectrum CBD from High Falls Hemp, grown and processed locally in the Hudson Valley. We put that into a rich combination of fractionated (super-heated) coconut and palm kernel oil from renewable sources, grape-seed oil and vitamin E, so its kind and beneficial to your skin. Then we fragrance it to our specifications. Other ingredients? There aren’t any. 
When it comes to pain relief, don’t accept anything less than the full Demeter experience. Because you don’t have to.
For local and topical use only.

To order, choose your favorite scent and select from the from the Item Options box.

We DO NOT ship 2 oz 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil outside the United States.